CeraSteel Porcelain Enameled Stainless Steel

HamatUSA has added an innovative twist to the universal appeal of porcelain enamel in the new CeraSteel Collection.

CeraSteel porcelain enamel sinks feature a light and resilient 16 gauge steel core that is a brilliant departure from the heavy cast iron foundation of other porcelain enamel sinks. The fact that our porcelain enamel sinks are only 65% of the weight of typical cast iron sinks enables designers to install porcelain enamel where they couldn’t before.

HamatUSA porcelain enamel sinks provide the glossy look and feel people know and love about porcelain enamel. It’s an enduring finish that’s been honored and appreciated throughout history. HamatUSA uses an enameling process that traces its inspiration back to 2000 BC and the first Greek craftsmen to fuse metal and glass.

We start with a genuine HamatUSA steel sink that is coated with high performance materials twice-first with a ground coat and second with a cover coat-and then fired at 1500° F after each application. The heat bonds the coatings with the metal to create a high-shine finish that’s resistant to impact, heat, stains, chips, scratches and even germs.

Our exclusive porcelain enamel comes in eight distinctive colors which are featured in our CeraSteel line of sinks.