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Customer Service

Phone : (833) 334-2628 or (609) 584-1933 or (833) 33HAMAT

Fax : (609) 584-1931

Hours : Monday thru Friday, 8:00am–5:00pm EST

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All orders received are subject to acceptance by HamatUSA according to the terms and conditions. Acknowledgments will be sent via email or fax prior to shipping.

PO/Order Submission:

Email: orders@HamatUSA.com
Fax: 609.584.1931
Specifications and electronic templates (DXF File) can be downloaded from our website or by contacting customer service.


Stock orders normally ship within 24 to 72 hours.

Please allow additional 24 hours for extra faucet hole drilling. Special orders for non-stocking items available in 4–12 weeks, depending on items.


Single Box Pack—part number with a suffix of (-1) indicates a Single Box. Pallets of Boxed Units are usually 16 pieces, check your model for exact quantity. HamatUSA boxed sinks get double protection, using a protective cardboard sleeve or vinyl bag depending on the model, and a heavy duty exterior carton. Templates, instructions, and mounting clips are included.

Nested Bulk Pack—part number with a suffix of (-20) indicates standard pallet quantity of Nested Bulk Pack. HamatUSA bulk nested models are vinyl bagged or wrapped in a soft, durable liner called Kimlon®, followed by a protective cardboard outer sleeve, and finally given extra packing support with commercial grade styrofoam corner protectors. Templates, instructions, and mounting clips are included.