Deep Cleaning

deep cleaning of the kitchen is the least favourite task for most caterers. It requires lots of labour and consumes precious time. It is not easy to organise everything back in place after the cleaning process is over. It is better to take care of an outside company that offers specialised kitchen services. It is a simple service that requires telling the agency what type of service is needed. The company provides an estimate and arranges an onsite visit to fix the price. Once the price and job is finalised, a specialist cleaning team visits the site for deep cleaning. This type of cleaning is essential to maintain high level of hygiene standard in a kitchen. It especially holds true for commercial kitchens that must comply with strict hygiene requirements.

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Cleaning of Surfaces

The job starts with cleaning of entire surfaces of all items. It includes not only the kitchen items but also the walls, countertops, sinks, taps and appliances. Surfaces where food items fall get dirty faster. In such a place, even surfaces that do not come in direct contact with food items can contain microorganisms. The spread of such microorganisms can prove risky at a place where foods for large number of people are prepared. The cleaning team goes after walls, floors and ceilings as well. It uses advanced cleaning equipments to deep clean all types of surfaces in the kitchen. This process is used to clean surfaces of ceramic, marble, wood, vinyl and tile.

Removing Stubborn Grease

Grease collects over time and is very difficult to remove using common cleaning methods. It requires services of a deep kitchen cleaning team to remove grease from all surfaces. Thick layers of grease accumulate on surfaces that regularly come in contact with smoke, steam, vapour and soot. The ducts and extraction systems collect grease in large amounts. It is difficult to clean these items because the interiors of these systems cannot be accessed easily. The expert team of deep kitchen cleaning service provider goes after all these surfaces and items. Grease from all such places is removed to make sure the kitchen retains its hygiene standards.

Special Cleaning Treatments

Just simple cleaning is not sufficient for commercial kitchens. All surfaces in such places must be deep cleaned to maintain superior hygiene standards. The aim of a professional cleaning team is to kill all drug resistant bacteria. This type of scientific cleaning is needed to remove the risks of virus and bacterial infections. Special chemical solutions are used to kill bacteria and viruses. It is followed with sanitising treatment that continues to kill bacteria for a long period of time even after the cleaning process is over.

Deep cleaning of a commercial kitchen is necessary to maintain highest level of hygiene standards. An outbreak of disease or ailment linked to the kitchen of a company can bring disrepute to it. It will result in loss of business and long term damage to the brand. There will be penalties and even closure of the kitchen by the food inspecting department. These problems can be avoided by taking help of a professional kitchencleaning service.